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    The Gamer Wife, A Summary

    by  • November 28, 2012 • Essays, People & Events • 7 Comments

    I’ve been meaning to write up a summary of my experiences as the Gamer Wife for a while now. But between one thing and the next, I’ve never quite had the time or the energy. And the reason is fairly simple. I get push back whenever I talk about these things. I also get...

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    The Gamer Wife, Part 8

    by  • October 31, 2012 • Essays, People & Events • 6 Comments

    Anyone who knew me in real life would realize that I’m tiny compared to my spouse. He towers over me, over a head taller than I am. It’s incongruous at best. People notice him first when we walk into a room and he is memorable. Also, he towers over almost everyone. But he also...

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    The Gamer Wife, Part 7

    by  • October 17, 2012 • Essays, People & Events • Comments Off on The Gamer Wife, Part 7

    Flirting is something that comes naturally to me. In fact, it comes naturally to almost all the people I know. I rarely mean anything truly serious about it, but apparently my intentions are frequently misunderstood. In this, I’ve gotten many responses to flirting that have, shall we say, warranted unwanted attention. As far as...

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    The Gamer Wife, Part 6

    by  • September 12, 2012 • Essays, People & Events • 3 Comments

    Drama. It happens to everyone. We see it between our friends. We see it with our children. We see it in our significant others. Drama is just part of the human experience. We are social creatures who do social things with other people and sometimes, drama happens. It’s rather unavoidable, and despite our best...

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    The Gamer Wife, Part 5

    by  • September 5, 2012 • Essays, People & Events • 13 Comments

    Favoritism and preferential treatment is a sticky topic. The fear and worry that surrounds this idea is deeply held and there are a million anecdotes that we’ve heard about it, especially in context of a Gamer Wife. Everyone’s heard a story or three about some guy who brings his girlfriend to the table and...

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    The Gamer Wife, Part 4

    by  • August 29, 2012 • Essays, People & Events • 18 Comments

    Now that you’ve seen the background to how opinions and behaviour changed when I became a Gamer Wife, I will touch on how the gaming table changed. In response to a number of comments I’ve seen, these are primarily the bad experiences. The negative things that I’ve observed over a decade of gaming. The...

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    The Gamer Wife, Part 3

    by  • August 22, 2012 • Essays • 20 Comments

    The way that people treated me changed when I became a gamer wife. And so did the expectations they had for me. Subtle things happened at first. Remember, it was expected that my relationship wouldn’t last for long. No one pushed me to be the good wife until they were certain that this wasn’t...

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    The Gamer Wife, Part 2

    by  • August 15, 2012 • Essays • 8 Comments

    Or how I became a gamer wife. Way back in the dawn of time (or about 9 years ago), I started going to larps. There I was besieged by a bunch of guys whose behaviour I can only really describe as treating me like fresh meat. I was young, a woman, and single. A...

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    The Gamer Wife, Part 1

    by  • August 8, 2012 • Essays • 17 Comments

    This is a series of posts on being a gamer wife, what it means, how it has impacted my games and my life. Everything here is coloured heavily by my personal experiences and what I’ve seen in other relationships. So if at all during this series you feel a need to make a personal...

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