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    Gaming with toddlers

    by  • June 3, 2015 • Essays • Comments Off on Gaming with toddlers

    As a parent of two babies, I do not get as much “gaming time” that I might like to. In fact, it is difficult to get any time at all. When they are really small they sleep most of the time, but at this age, they are active enough to require my attention, but...

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    Organizing a hiking+gaming convention

    by  • December 31, 2014 • People & Events • Comments Off on Organizing a hiking+gaming convention

    A golden eagle decided to grace us with it's present and Ola Jentzsch tool a photo of us admiring it.

    In this article I will address how to organize a small gaming convention that combines gaming with hiking, why it is awesome and how the experience differs from regular gaming conventions. The text is based in my experience organizing FjällCon 2014. It all started with me missing GothCon, which is the time of  year when...

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    A Similar Kind of Negotiation

    by  • December 23, 2014 • Essays • Comments Off on A Similar Kind of Negotiation

    A Disclaimer: This post involves a tiny bit of NSFW content, in the form of erotic storytelling.   “Stick your ass out a little bit further,” I insist, with my strictest topping tone, though I let a little smirk escape. My playmate smiles back at me over her shoulder, eyes wide and playing helpless,...

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    Content on the Margins: Part I – How we know what’s in.

    by  • June 16, 2014 • Essays • Comments Off on Content on the Margins: Part I – How we know what’s in.

    I’ve been having many thoughts recently about stories and gendered (and other marginalized) content, and the practical challenges that groups and individuals face in introducing diversified content to games. While it comes out of a long history of reading and musing and discussions with other Cultural Studies geeks, its recent momentum to get it...

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    I Love Slash, and I’m not Ashamed

    by  • November 11, 2013 • People & Events • Comments Off on I Love Slash, and I’m not Ashamed

    If you know anything about me, (and how could you not?), you know that I LOVE fanfiction. While I don’t read it (often any more) or write it (often anymore) I love the very fact that it exists, that people love it, and that they devote their time to the creation and enjoyment of...

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