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    A Similar Kind of Negotiation

    by  • December 23, 2014 • Essays • Comments Off on A Similar Kind of Negotiation

    A Disclaimer: This post involves a tiny bit of NSFW content, in the form of erotic storytelling.   “Stick your ass out a little bit further,” I insist, with my strictest topping tone, though I let a little smirk escape. My playmate smiles back at me over her shoulder, eyes wide and playing helpless,...

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    Arduin II: Female Attributes, Giant Snakes, and Seithr Without Argr

    by  • August 18, 2014 • Essays • Comments Off on Arduin II: Female Attributes, Giant Snakes, and Seithr Without Argr

    Shardra the Castrator, from "Runes of Doom." Found via http://apaladinincitadel.blogspot.ca/2010/04/arduin-grimoire-runes-of-doom.html>A  Paladin in Citadel.

    (See here the first part of this series.) “I was wondering if you needed any work done.  Running messages.  Looking after animals. Anything, really,” said the Rothling boy.  He was a peasant, thirteen or so years old. My character, Kyllikki, wasn’t sure why the boy came to her.  Kylikki is the court mage of the jarles,...

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    Pleasant Dreams Card Game Review

    by  • March 24, 2014 • Reviews • Comments Off on Pleasant Dreams Card Game Review

    The following review contains the opinions of the author only and may not directly reflect the opinions of all members of Gaming as Women. The author was given an advance review copy of the game to play and review.  I am super excited to share this with everyone! I was given an advance review...

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    The Rusalka – First Impressions

    by  • October 30, 2013 • Design & Art • 1 Comment

    I recently created Monsterhearts skins called the Rusalka and the Medusa. This is a summary of my recent play experience with the Rusalka skin. You can download the skins at the Daedalum AP website.  Oh, Rusalka. I’m so happy I made you. I’m playing Ekaterina Aandreyev, star member of the swim team, scorned by...

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    Failures in Game Mastery

    by  • October 16, 2013 • Essays • 26 Comments

    Today I’ve been thinking about GMing. I have not GM’d much. In fact, it’s been fewer than 10 times. A large part of it is anxiety, some of it is just lack of time to invest. When I ran at Gen Con, the first session was one of the worst experiences in my entire...

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    Tomb Raider – Casual Review

    by  • May 9, 2013 • Reviews • Comments Off on Tomb Raider – Casual Review

    This post is the first of two reviews of Tomb Raider (2013). We chose to review this video game because of the original marketing for the game, as well as the final result. The first review is by Brie, who is a casual video gamer, and the second will be from Melody, who is...

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    Debriefing from Mad About the Boy

    by  • November 5, 2012 • People & Events • Comments Off on Debriefing from Mad About the Boy

    For more information on Mad About the Boy check out Lizzie Stark’s blog and my previous posts on Gaming as Women.   It’s been about a month since I’ve played Mad About the Boy, and I’m still debriefing. I know that it’s an intended part of the process, and that makes me feel more...

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    Actual Play Report – Maschine Zeit

    by  • October 29, 2012 • Reviews • 3 Comments

    One of the coolest things about the Google+ gaming community is hearing about all sorts of games I had no idea existed – and then getting to interact with their creators. Not too long ago I, along with the Fandible crew, got to have such an experience playing Maschine Zeit (brought to you in part...

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