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    About Monica Speca

    Monica is a gamer who is relatively new to the roleplaying scene, being introduced to the hobby through White Wolf's Exalted. She is an armchair game designer, a frequent producer of fan-work, and her local group's token GM. She also co-hosts the podcast, 1d4cast and is a co-developer at Fable Streams Entertainment.

    Treat Others the Way They Want to be Treated

    by  • June 6, 2013 • Essays • 1 Comment

    Recent real-life circumstances brought me back to a former place of employment, where I found myself going through the rigmarole of corporate job orientation. Many of us have been here: sitting in a too-cold room at way-too-early o’clock while drinking low-grade free coffee and watching a cheesy video that’s about a decade out of...

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    Game Mastery Files: Know Yourself

    by  • October 15, 2012 • Essays • 1 Comment

    Recently, two things inspired me. One, I read an entry on Erik Jensen’s blog bout how he’s “Not an old school DM” and his “it gets worse” philosophy. Two, a friend of mine asked to pick one thing to absolutely always do as a GM, and one thing to never do as a GM....

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    Sexy vs Sexist: Using an Example from the Current D&D Comic

    by  • May 24, 2012 • Design & Art • 2 Comments

    I’d recently read Jon Schindehette’s discussion on art direction for the nebulous “D&D Next”. Some of my thoughts on the piece are less-than-charitable, but I suppose I can “get” where he’s coming from to an extent. (If you haven’t already read Tracy Hurley’s really excellent reply, you should.) Vivian already discussed many of the issues...

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