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    About Melody Haren Anderson

    I am a young trans woman living out in a small town. I mostly game online, as I can't find players for meatspace. I write, most often prose, and consider myself passing good at such. I have a recent surge in my interest in feminism, though it has always been there. I love to read, play video games on occasion, and be outside.

    13 True Ways: Tools for players and GMs in 13th Age

    by  • December 5, 2014 • Reviews • Comments Off on 13 True Ways: Tools for players and GMs in 13th Age

    13 True Ways is the first supplement for 13th Age that is aimed at both GMs and players. It is filled with new classes, monsters, descriptions of places with story ideas for all of them, and if that’s all I said it’d be completely true. But the reality of the book goes much deeper...

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    Advance Review – Letters To Lovecraft

    by  • November 17, 2014 • Reviews • Comments Off on Advance Review – Letters To Lovecraft

    Disclaimer: I was contacted and received an advance review copy of the book from Stone Skin Press. I’ll admit, I was a bit hesitant going into this book. I wasn’t completely sure what I’d find inside, but I was curious as 7 out of 18 authors were women, and I was told they had...

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    Interview with Anna Kreider – The Ruined Empire

    by  • November 1, 2014 • Design & Art, News • Comments Off on Interview with Anna Kreider – The Ruined Empire

    With only 4 days to go to the Ruined Empire Kickstarter, we interviewed the author, Anna Kreider. As of this writing, the campaign needs barely over 700 $ CAD to reach its goal and publish this setting-neutral, Final Fantasy-esque campaign  – so if you are on the fence, we hope this interview will give you the motivation you...

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    Dragon Kings World Book

    by  • July 9, 2014 • Reviews • Comments Off on Dragon Kings World Book

    I was waiting for this book and the 13th Age system for it for a while, even before I interviewed Timothy Brown here, and let me say I’m not disappointed. While this is a huge nod to Dark Sun, it’s also very much its own thing. I feel like it’s a solid new spin...

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    Midgard Bestiary: 13th Age compatible review

    by  • June 27, 2014 • Reviews • Comments Off on Midgard Bestiary: 13th Age compatible review

    This is not just a simple conversion of statblocks from Pathfinder or another system to 13th Age, but instead a far more complete and complex book, with nods that make it into something (though very limited in this aspect) of a campaign book, namely the addition of Icons for the Midgard setting. The reasons...

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    Collision of indie and OSR ideals: 13th Age

    by  • June 11, 2014 • Reviews • Comments Off on Collision of indie and OSR ideals: 13th Age

    I am a big fan of 13th Age, and this isn’t a new game. But for a while now, we’ve had only the core book, unless you had preordered the Bestiary or backed 13 True Ways. But with the world book for Dragon Kings out in the wild and the Primal Thule traveler’s book,...

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    Interview with Timothy Brown

    by  • September 4, 2013 • People & Events • Comments Off on Interview with Timothy Brown

    I had the pleasure of speaking to Timothy Brown, who created Dark Sun and 2300 AD about his new project, Dragon Kings, which will begin crowdfunding this month.   Melody: You have mentioned how important music is to your project, and in some ways how it’s acted as inspiration, but could you elaborate? What kinds of music do...

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    Interview with Jenna Katerin Moran – Part 2

    by and  • July 12, 2013 • Design & Art, People & Events • Comments Off on Interview with Jenna Katerin Moran – Part 2

    This is the second part of our interview with Jenna Katerin Moran.  The first part can be found here.  We’re continuing in our discussion of her current Kickstarter, Chuubo’s Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine.   Haren: Have there been any particularly surprising examples that show off what you are going for from playtesting? Something that is...

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    Interview with Jenna Katerin Moran – Part 1

    by and  • July 8, 2013 • Design & Art, People & Events • 1 Comment

    Jenna Katerin Moran (formerly known as Rebecca Sean Borgstrom) has contributed to dozens of RPG books, including series such as Exalted, In Nomine, Ex Machina, and is the author and creator of the Nobilis and Weapons of the Gods RPGs. Haren and Dymphna recently spoke to Moran about her new kickstarter, Chuubo’s Marvelous Wish-Granting...

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    Symbol of the Month: Stars

    by  • October 1, 2012 • Essays • 2 Comments

    A time back, I wrote a Back to Basics article about how to use symbols in gaming and stories. I had quite a bit of private communication on the subject about how people would have loved to see the discussion go longer on both of the symbols, or how there were others they wanted...

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