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    I have been a feminist all my life and a gamer for 21 years. I have enjoyed all sort of gaming from LARP to tabletop but deep character role-playing is what really floats my boat. I live in London, England and when I am not blogging, knitting and role-playing I am grappling with the dastardly, dissertation of Doooom!


    Lovecraftesque: An interview with GaW game designer Becky Annison

    by and  • September 29, 2015 • Design & Art, People & Events • Comments Off on Lovecraftesque: An interview with GaW game designer Becky Annison


    I had a chance to talk to fellow Gaming as Women designer Becky Annison about her work on Lovecraftesque which is currently being Kickstarted. Congrats on the early success of the Kickstarter campaign! Can you tell me a little about the project? Thank you – we are both a bit overwhelmed with the early...

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    D&D and Inclusivity and Me

    by  • September 24, 2012 • Design & Art, News • 26 Comments

    D&D was my first role-playing game back when I was 11.  My interest in it has faded over the years but it still holds a special place of nostalgia in my heart. D&D Fifth Edition, as you probably know, is in development and Wizards of the Coast have directly asked for fan feedback on...

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    Forget Character Generation… what about Group Generation?

    by  • August 31, 2012 • Essays • 14 Comments

    Role-playing games tend to have reams of pages dedicated to creating characters. However, very few spend time on creating the dynamics of the character group and establishing existing relationships between the characters. Apocalypse World is a rare exception but even Apocalypse World (which is one of my all time favourites!) doesn’t give as much...

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