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    About Angela Craft

    Lifelong geek and feminist, my geeky passions include YA books, movies, and role playing. I've been playing table top games on and off for almost ten years with a wide variety of games under my belt in that time. Born and raised in Michigan, I've fulfilled a life-long dream and now live in New York City with my spouse and three cats. My gaming exploits are recorded at http://www.fandible.com

    An Interview with Caroline Hobbs – Downfall

    by  • July 24, 2015 • People & Events • Comments Off on An Interview with Caroline Hobbs – Downfall

    Caroline Hobbs is a game designer and artist. She plays and designs story games, paints sassy sea creatures, and probably knows too much about the Silmarillion. Caroline’s newest project is Downfall, currently on Kickstarter. She answered a few questions about the game and her design work for Gaming as Women. Please give us a...

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    Designer’s Diary – Angela Psychs Herself Out Over Mechanics

    by  • December 28, 2012 • Design & Art • Comments Off on Designer’s Diary – Angela Psychs Herself Out Over Mechanics

    I’m at the beginning stages of designing my first “real” game. While I’ve made an attempt once before as part of a Game Chef contest (how could this English/Theatre major resist a theme like Shakespeare in 2011? Even when I had NO CLUE what I was doing), this is the first time I’m trying...

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    Podcasting for Gamers: Part 2, At the Table

    by  • December 19, 2012 • Essays • Comments Off on Podcasting for Gamers: Part 2, At the Table

    I don’t know of a single role playing group that hasn’t at some point wished they were recording their antics. Impassioned speeches, out of control jokes, and epic battles make strong impressions, but inevitably the memory fades, and weeks or months or years later you’re going “Remember that speech you gave in character awhile...

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    Podcasting for Gamers: Part 1, the Basics

    by  • December 12, 2012 • Essays • 4 Comments

    So, you want to be a podcaster. Great! Wondering where to start? Look no further! A little about my podcasting credentials: I’ve been podcasting for about two years now, predominantly recording actual play games for the Fandible.Com Roleplaying Podcast (if you’ve read pretty much any post I’ve ever made here, you’ve heard of Fandible by...

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    Playing Dress Up – Even in Table Top

    by  • November 9, 2012 • Design & Art • 2 Comments

    As the daughter of a costumer, I had some awesome dress up clothes and Halloween costumes as a kid. I also learned from a very early age about the adage “the clothes make the man.” As my mom wasn’t only the seamstress for these costumes, but more often than not designing costumes for casts that...

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    Actual Play Report – Maschine Zeit

    by  • October 29, 2012 • Reviews • 3 Comments

    One of the coolest things about the Google+ gaming community is hearing about all sorts of games I had no idea existed – and then getting to interact with their creators. Not too long ago I, along with the Fandible crew, got to have such an experience playing Maschine Zeit (brought to you in part...

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    Playing Granny

    by  • August 13, 2012 • Essays • 3 Comments

    I’ve played a lot of different characters over the last ten years. Widows, teenagers, vampires, leaders of empires, and traitors. It’s part of the fun of role playing, right? Getting to be someone that you most emphatically are not. Yet there is one thing, I realized recently, that every single character of mine has...

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    Dear Gaming As Women: GMing for Women

    by , , , and  • August 3, 2012 • Dear GAW • 4 Comments

    Welcome to the fourth installment of Dear Gaming As Women! We invite our readers to asks us anything – and we’ll do our best to offer informative, thought-provoking, and entertaining answers. In today’s letter, a reader who hasn’t GMed in a long time asks how to do so in a group with women, including new...

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    This Week in Gaming

    by and  • July 8, 2012 • News • 1 Comment

    The upcoming video game Aliens: Colonial Marines, based on the Alien franchise, currently has no female player character options. With several months to go before release, a petition has been started to advocate for at least one female character to play in a game based on a franchise well-known for its female protagonists. – Angela This...

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    On Playing a Female Space Marine

    by  • July 5, 2012 • People & Events • 26 Comments

    For the past two years, 99% of my gaming has been recorded and put on the internet for posterity (that remaining one percent is the odd con-game or game-we-played-while-too-drunk-to-be-coherent). Playing for a podcast has a whole set of challenges and rewards, with the number one being the fact that there is an Audience. An...

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