• RESISTOR: glitchwitches and SJWs welcome

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    My friend Elissa and I are currently Kickstarting this zine that I’m really excited about.

    It’s called RESISTOR, and it features original games, fiction, and artwork focusing on the correlation between technology, magic, and social issues through a cyberpunk lens.


    We both love the zine aesthetic, that locally printed, hand made, passed out at bars or record stores look. Something that’s a little lo-fi but made with care. The historical significance of small magazines making huge impacts in the civil rights movement was a huge inspiration as well. I’m not sure how huge an impact this little creation will make, but our goal is to create a venue where more trans, non-binary, and women creators of all races can be showcased. We’re already showcasing a diverse set of creators in this first issue, and we hope to share more in the future. We want to get these concepts and arts and games in front of your face for you to engage with and delight in.

    Tech and magic are great metaphors for social issues, right? Class wars in cyberpunk settings highlight the famous William Gibson quote “The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed.” Magic is all that stuff we can’t really understand yet, metaphors for our darkest fears and also the home of personal witchcraft for self-care.

    We’ve got two games in each issue, and the ones featured in this issue are a combination of ritual and freeform games. Zero, a game by Banana Chan, is played in an online chat or SMS, in an alternate future world where you are yourself but you’re not yourself. Conch, by Kira Magrann, is a solo game ritual that focuses on concepts of lifting up the voices around you on social media. There’s also a short comic by Tara Helfer, and flash fiction by Leslie Anderson.

    Take a look! We’d love to share this with you. The Kickstarter ends 2/9/16.



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