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    So my friend and co-blogger Dymphna wrote this beautiful feminist witchy game and shared it on G+. I was like, that’s so awesome! Dang! Look it’s about women’s work but also about being witches! Ah this is everything I like!

    Then she invited me, Meg Baker, and Filamena Young to write a collection of witchy games. I was excited! So I hung out with my witchy friends and one night we all sat around a fire doing rituals and giving each other witchy advice through that ritualistic alibi. So I wrote this game Arcana, about embodying the roles of five tarot cards and telling metaphorical stories about your lives. I’m pretty excited about it.

    The other two games are pretty rad too. Filamena’s is about secrets and accusations in communities, and Meg’s is about sacred spaces.

    We’re also going to be donating a portion of the funds to a woman in the RPG community, Katy Flagg, who was just diagnosed with an aggressive cancer. Read more about her situation here: https://plus.google.com/u/0/111023399555426942490/posts/KEWXyS5RBA2?pid=6207316804993437746&oid=104029181374554841630

    We’d be thrilled if you’d buy a copy for the Halloween season, and give some of our witchy games a try!




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