• Dangers Untold, a LARP for girls and others

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    We don’t have much time, hurry, this way, take my hand and come with me before it’s too late!

    Well, okay, maybe it isn’t as dramatic as all that, but Dangers Untold is a LARP designed to take one young heroine on an amazing adventure…

    …and it’s running out of time!

    Currently, Dangers Untold is up on Kickstarter. Author Shoshana Kessock (whose graduate thesis is a LARP convention!) is trying to hook up with game designer and photographer JR Blackwell to give this book the visual appeal it could greatly benefit from, and of course, bring this delightful LARP to tons of people.

    Dangers Untold is based on Josh Jordan’s marvelous Heroine game, a game where multiple GMs take one young lady on the adventure of her life. It emulated stories like the Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland.

    Dangers Untold shares a similar heart. Instead, one player takes on the role of the young lady, and the other players can play her magical companions, or antagonists with one player acting as Narrator to help heighten the tension or guide the story as it plays out.

    What’s especially wonderful is that Dangers Untold is written clearly with an easy to grasp resolution system that kids as young as 12 could actually run themselves. The book suggests it’s targeted at kids around 12. I think younger kids could play with adult guidance, but what’s cool is, I think Shoshana is right on, a group of kids about 12 could totally run this LARP entirely on their own! I love the idea of a game I can introduce to a group of kids, and then sit back and watch them work! This is really playing pretend 2.0 and I could easily see even my seven year old grasping it with a little help.

    Meanwhile the sweetest part, as mentioned above, is the resolution system. Using shades of Improv theater, (natch) it’s all about making and accepting offers. In this, the players hold out their hands out to each other, and taking or not taking those outstretched hands is the core of the system. I can picture in my head, holding my hand out to the heroine, and the two of us jogging off to the next scene! I cannot wait to play this game.

    Bottom line for me? I already want to hack this LARP. Which is how I know I love a game. Deeply. I’m counting down the days my middle daughter is old enough to run this for them!

    It is KILLING me that this game isn’t funded yet and is so close to the wire. I’ve read the game, it’s fantastic and fun and worth your time if you’re a big LARP fan, new to LARP, curious about other kinds of LARP, or just have some kids who have been begging to get in on the gaming action.

    Take my hand, adventure awaits. You take the looking class, I’ll take the wardrobe, we’ll save the day together. 



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