• Witty responses to trolls complaining about Tropes versus Women

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    In case you hadn’t heard, Part 3 of the Damsel in Distress series of videos being made as part of Feminist Frequency’s Tropes versus Women series is up. (If you haven’t seen previous installments, here are Part 1 and Part 2.1)

    Predictably, there are a lot of people who are upset that a woman has had the nerve to say something vaguely critical of video games on the internet. So of course, there are lots of trolls who are attempting to flame Anita Sarkeesian. Even worse, though, every time one of these videos gets released, the gaming segments of my social media get flooded with comments from people who are trying to find good reasons to be critical of the TvW series… and failing.

    I could write a long post debunking a lot of the bullshit that gets trotted out when a new video gets released, because it’s the same arguments every. Single. Time. But frankly, that would be tedious. So instead, I made a sarcastic flowchart of rebuttals that can be used to put the trolls in their place. Why? Because there aren’t many things I love more than sarcastic flowcharts. And sometimes, humor really is the best way to deal with this kind of entitled whining.

    Flowchart of sad troll feelz


    1. Part 1 is very well done, but is very much a 101-level look at the phenomenon, so it might be a little dull if you’re used to arguing about this crap on the internet. Part 2, however, is amaaaaazing.


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