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    This post talks about the potential impact flexible work hours could have on women. I couldn’t help but think how this could apply to women in game design too. – Kira


    “I believe there’s a misconception that if you put a girl or a woman on the cover, the game will sell less. I know I’ve been in discussions where we’ve been asked to push Ellie to the back and everyone at Naughty Dog just flat-out refused.” An interesting post about the battle to put a woman on a video game box. – Filamena


    Gail Simone was dumped by DC. Fans are flipping shit. – Kira



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    Filamena is a professional writer and game designer who isn't very good at writing bios. Having written for White Wolf, Catalyst, Green Ronin and a number of smaller table top games, she's been freelancing for several years. Interested in the indie game scene, Filamena also publishes independently with her life partner at Machine Age Productions. She's the mother of two (almost three) kids, an outspoken liberal and pro sex feminist.


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      Jodi Black
      December 17, 2012 at 23:00

      About the Game Design and Flexible Work Hours issue… Most of the women I know in gaming work the gaming job around their day job, with the exception of video game design which is its own high-pressure culture. Most of those same women I know don’t have children. Looks like there’s a link there… I’m fortunate enough to work full time in the tabletop RPG industry, but it’s a combination of freelance gigs and running my own business. It works great for me to do this and still be a full time mom, but it’s taken me years to get here. I don’t think I could work these same hours if my children were still small. I pray that the next generation of women game designers can handle it better and faster than I did. :)

      About the Putting a Woman on the Game Box… I find it very interesting that they would be reluctant to put a woman on the cover, not for gender equality, but for simple marketing tactics. When designing my banner ad, my consultant told me to put a woman in the artwork “if you’re okay with that.” Of course I was. :) He said that people–male and female–react more positively to women in ads, and not even sexy women. Just female. Anyone interested can see the ad here: https://beautifulbrainsonline.com/ilovebrains/

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