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    In the world of “what might have been”, we found out that there were women fighter pilots cut from Star WarsReturn of the Jedi.

    Do you have a Manic Pixie Dream Girl in your life? 

    In response to a movement by a thirteen-year-old named McKenna Pope, Hasbro will be releasing a gender neutral line of Easy-Bake Ovens!



    Jill Filipovic at the Guardian is displeased with the Good Men Project for their publishing and support of accounts by an unrepentant rapist.

    Anne Hathaway’s response to Matt Lauer’s question about her “wardrobe malfunction” photos (e.g. creepshots) was classy and well-composed.

    Meteorologist Rhonda Lee was fired for responding to a Facebook comment complaining about the length and state of her hair. Can we stop firing people for objecting to racism and sexism, please?

    Cracked hit it out of the park with their post on “The 7 Most Ridiculous Things About Calling Out Fake Fangirls”.

    Laurie Penny says, “An opinion, it seems, is the short skirt of the internet.” She talks about death threats and trolls, over at The Independent.

    The world didn’t end AND we’re getting a fifth edition of the Shadowrun RPG (among other goodies from Catalyst Game Labs)? Awesome!



    We received a note from some people at Charles Darwin University (Australia) regarding an anonymous study being administered about identification with and preferences for internet avatars. They’re looking for men and women over 18, fluent in written and spoken English, and it should be about 20 minutes long. If you’re interested in the study, check out the information page.



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      December 23, 2012 at 23:22

      And I always wondered why there were female pilots in the novelisation of Return. Pity, they look interesting (and for the record, even back then, I kind of welcomed character deaths because that shows actions have consequences; I liked that about japanese cartoons).


      I’d understand if she was fired from her job because of hanging on facebook for hours, but not this comment. Of course, she’s Black and this is in America.

      For the record, while I kinda feel sorry for Africans that they have to either conk or not really much to do with those wiry locks of theirs, they do look a lot better without a wig in general. A girl in oen of my courses wears a wig of Sisterlocks of all things. The lady in question sure looks great, hair and all.

      I’d be curious if a white colleage would have been fired about this comment.


      Read up on Laurie Penny when SPIEGEL reviewed her new book. Interestingly, the English-language internet seems more full of open sexism (an Article on the chancellor in Huffington Post didn’t get over page 1 in the comments without some ‘is she fuckable derp herp’ comment, whereas I have seem all kinds of vitriol in the pages of SPIEGEL online, despite the site attracting a similar centrist-left clientele as HuffPost does. I’m not sure if this is based on more strict moderation on the German site or due to cultural differences.


      Holding my horses on Shadowrun 5. It’s neither here nor there, but I’m not very excited myself. And that’s coming from someone who basically grew up as a Shadowrun player, started the hobby with a 1st Edition book in the confusing year of 1989, owns a first print Seattle Sourcebook, and has followed the game through it’s numerous troubles pretty faithfully despite some rather strong grievances about it’s recent course.

      The description reads like a mix of campaign pledges (“easy to use, streamlined Matrix rules!” Because we haven’t had that in the previous 3 Edition switches at all!), platitudes (more this, that, and excitement!), and needless macho posturing (grittier, darker, deadlier”, because apparently CGL feels they have to compete with Dark Heresy? Which is highly lethal mainly because it’s rules are crap?).

      I hope they let Pegasus Games, the German publisher, handle the German/Euro boardgame. After all, tehy’re a leading publisher of those and have a number of highly acclaimed designers on their payroll. Though, given CGL being CGL, I am rather pessimistic. They cannot even design a proper table of contents these days.

      Not sure about the Deckbuilding game (mainly because I have no idea what they’re like), and entirely unenthusiastic about the minis game. If they plan to integrate it with the RPG like D&D 4 does I am going to jump ship on Shadowrun.


      Did the survey. I am not sure whether they meant Avatar in the sense of an RPG character (as in WoW, tabletop games, or Second Life), thought I think ti is and answered accordingly. Interesting ideas behind this. Hope I’ll be notified or something when the study’s out, as I’m curious about the results.

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      help im a bug
      December 25, 2012 at 04:41

      that survey needs some non-binary gender options

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        January 1, 2013 at 02:47

        I agree. I don’t have any control over the survey, but I’m sure the people who are doing it would appreciate your comments, and you can send a note to the lead researcher here: jon-paul.cacioli at cdu.edu.au

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