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    The perfect gift is hard to find for anyone, let alone someone so awesome as the gaming women in your life. If you have a gaming woman on your list, or you are a gaming woman and just want an awesome gift for yourself, check out our top ten gifts below (in no particular order as recommended by Kira and Brie)!


    Games – Support women designers and the games they’ve created. Here’s a few RPGs from some of our contributors here at Gaming as Women: Breaking the Ice, Steal Away Jordan, Thou Art But A Warrior, 1001 Nights, and They Became Flesh.

    Dice – These Heart Dice may at first seem intolerably cheesy, but they’re great for using ironically in Monsterhearts games.

    Geeky teesThinkGeek always has a good selection of geek tees, including their “Crit Happens” and “+20 Shirt of Smiting” unisex tees. You can support indie artists and small businesses by shopping for geek tees on Etsy as well! A suggestion? Don’t get her geek underoos unless you know she wants them, and you’ve got a close enough relationship to warrant it.

    Dice bags and gaming supply storage – Lots of tabletop gamers need somewhere to store all of their gorgeous dice and tokens, so help them out by getting them token bags, mesh pockets, a storage chest, or even a sweet tackle box.

    Miniatures – Plenty of gamers use miniatures for their games, so you can take some time to find her something new at RPGShop. Don’t forget the tactical miniatures, either.

    More games – Check out this great list of games and geek goodies for under $20. PC gamers will dig indie and big names RPGs from Steam.

    Books about gaming – A great book out right now is Leaving Mundania: Inside the Transformative World of Live Action Role-Playing Games for the LARPer on your list. There’s also Immersive Gameplay, a collection of academic essays discussing game rules and media.

    Tablets – Gaming with handheld tablets is getting more common and makes carrying your PDF game books around much easier. Check out the iPad, Nexus, or even the Kindle Fire.

    Game night – Plan to get together and try out a game with them. Even if you aren’t a gamer, it’s a great way to get together, and she’ll love sharing her hobby with you.

    Free games – There’s a lot of games and game supplements available in PDF for free on the web. Wild Strawberries, Play With Intent, When the Dark is Gone and Wyrd are some great free things out on the web right now.


    I know what you’re thinking. What makes this so different from a gift guide for gaming guys? Nothing, that’s what! Gaming women love the same stuff as anyone else in gaming.




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      Don’t forget chain mail dice bags. Cool and useful for self-defense (if you don’t have a local dealer, you can find them on Etsy).

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