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    Brie –

    With the recent elections in the U.S., women’s rights have been in many minds. This gender income inequality map of the U.S. is pretty striking, but not nearly as much as these postcards from the era of the Suffragists. We’ve come a long way ladies – don’t stop now!

    This history of MMORPGS is pretty cool – all the way from MUDs to WoW.

    U.S. Soldiers in Korea have been playing RPGs every Sunday for eleven years. They say that they’d like to see more games being played in Korea – if you know of any gaming organizations there, please let us know!

    “‘The moment you play D&D, you’re a game developer,” says Alex Peake of Code Hero, discussing in the article how he is disappointed in the lack of creativity in computer game versions of popular RPGs. I’ll go write that on my resume, thanks!


    UPS is no longer giving money to the Boy Scouts because of their anti-gay policies.

    An important note from Renee –

    November 20th is Transgender Day of Remembrance. In 2012, a reported 265 transgender people have been murdered, the vast majority of them being women of color. That’s one soul every 1.4 days.  When you consider the inaccuracy of reporting, and the very high rate of suicide in the trans* community, that number is actually much higher. If you’re a cis person, consider finding a TDOR event near you on the 20th and supporting your local trans* community in their grief. We are your siblings, your children, your friends, and your loved ones. Click here to find information about Remembrances happening all around the world.



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      Grace Annam
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      It’s just really nice to see trans content in the mix with everything else in a non-trans-focused place. Thank you.


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