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    A Black Cat cosplayer responds to objectification at NYCC with a sweet shut-down of an announcer. Awesome! A quote from her post:

    “Don’t keep quiet because you’re scared of what they might say or think- because if you say nothing they will continue to see what they’re doing as OK.” – (from the article)

    This Kickstarter for Magicians: A Language Learning RPG caught the eye of most of us here at Gaming as Women this week. Using games for learning is awesome and this one sounds very fun!

    This is old, but Meryl Streep has some interesting things to say about gender performance and her experience playing many women over the duration of her career. (From Kira!)

    This article by Jessica Hammer shows you how to use a technique called “anomaly finding” to reduce prep for investigative plots. It’s a brief mini-game that makes the process of clue creation easy and fun!

    Hank Green discusses the complex and awesome nature of human sexuality, orientation, gender identification, and sexual behavior. With graphs!

    Molly Lambert at This Recording has some suggestions on how to be a woman in any boys’ club.

    Maddy Myers at The Phoenix relates her experience getting into the fighting game scene and how tough it can be to go into all- or majority-male environments to compete. Maddy says, “I don’t always have the energy to be The Example.” I think many women can grok that.

    Free Thought Blogs discussed one of the ways that people are blaming women for being paid as much money as men.

    Rowan Cota discusses how the culture of secrecy can be detrimental to games, and why her design philosophy skews towards sharing information.

    This MA project, Meaningful Adventure, “seeks to raise awareness of the positive and negative treatment women face in the gaming community by building a digital game.” Check it out and contribute if you’re interested!


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