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    In exciting news, F. Wesley Schneider shared Brie’s Paizo Publishing and Pathfinder – Half Orc Origins post AND posted Meet the Iconics: Imrijka fiction about the half-orc Inquisitor. We’re excited for all of the dialogue with Wes this week!

    We’d like to hear our readers’ thoughts on the “The Message” movement  (Men Ending Slurs and Sexist Attitudes in the Gaming Environment). Have you heard of the movement? What do you think of their intentions?

    This video by PBS Idea Channel features Mike Rugnetta explaining why Dungeons & Dragons Makes You Awesome. Um, yes!

    This post from Romance Novels for Feminists regarding the “It’s a Guy Thing…” attitude made me laugh and has a few good points.

    Harvard Business School celebrated the 50th anniversary of their first class of female MBAs – and the women had a lot to say, including how things still aren’t where they should be, how they don’t want to see feminism used as “a 12-step program toward personal perfection”, motherhood, and the high demand on women in business.

    This video is from end of September, but The Factuary does a pretty sweet job of putting on the table what still isn’t included in women’s rights and equal treatment. I laughed, and nodded enough to make my head about roll off my shoulders.

    Most people who game are aware of Geek & Sundry’s Table Top show – I have a question for our readers! Have you watched it? What do you think of it? Has Table Top encouraged you or people you know to try out new games? Tell us in the comments!





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