• Don’t Do What Lucy Did – A Geist Character Arc

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    Lucia (Lucy) Maria Ramirez  (October 6, 1987 – November 5, 2011)

    This is a true character arc that I went through in NWoD Geist.  It was a deeply emotional journey up through death with a character that I became very attached to by the end.  I couldn’t have done it without a wonderful Storyteller and fellow players.

    Lucia Maria Ramirez’s family was composed primarily of Mexican immigrants that lived in the Yakima area of Eastern Washington.  Her parents immigrated to the US and became American citizens before she was even born.  Her mother was a housekeeper and her father worked in construction.  She had two younger sisters.  Despite being strict Catholics, her parents divorced when she was eight and she lived with her mother.  She was a rebellious daughter and she had a tense relationship with her mother, with the fights intensifying as she grew older.

    At the age of 17, Lucy moved to Seattle with Arturo Molino whom her family had never liked.  She started dating Arturo when she was 14 and dropped out of high school at 16, although she did eventually get her GED.  Arturo was involved with the Mexican drug cartel La Familia Michoacana, a drug cartel best known for tossing five human heads onto a dance floor in Michoacán state four years ago.  La Familia had operations in Seattle.  Arturo used Lucy to transport cocaine and, sometimes, weapons in exchange for cocaine.  Eventually, she became an addict herself and was dependent on Arturo as her supplier.

    Arturo got arrested a few times and Bill Parker was his bail bondsman.  That’s how Lucy met Bill, a Sin-Eater.  Bill had a feeling that there was something wrong and he had a premonition that something worse would happen.  Arturo was clearly an abusive man.

    After a major fight with Arturo that left her with a black eye, Lucy decided to move out and look for a job.  Her friend Angela offered to let her stay with her and she found another cocaine supplier.  Lucy eventually found work in a nursing home where she was known for her compassion and ability to learn quickly.  One day, her manager caught her stealing money for her addiction.  Instead of firing her, her manager showed her compassion and tried to help her.  As a result of the support provided by her manager and the rest of the nursing home staff, she broke up with Arturo permanently and began treatment for her drug addiction.

    However, Arturo did not accept the breakup, particularly because of the intimate knowledge she had of La Familia’s operations and his suspicions that she had been cheating on him all along.  He broke into her apartment one night and terrorized her and Angela for hours before finally killing Angela and stabbing Lucia in a drug-induced frenzy.  He left her for dead.  That was when her Geist appeared and she accepted its Bargain.

    Bill Parker read about her attack in the newspapers and visited her in the hospital.  He could see that she now had a Geist and decided to become her mentor (he didn’t get very far with THAT!)  He’s the one who brought her to the Museum of Death in Seattle to meet the other Sin-Eaters.

    The Wrath of the Lord (Geist) – formerly Enrique Valiente (April 9, 1495 – June 8, 1526)

    The Geist that found Lucy can be seen as a relatively short man with a pointed black goatee beard and a mustache.  He is wearing the armor and helmet of a 15th century Conquistador.   He has a large wooden cross hanging around his neck.  He carries a short sword and red flames surround him.  His eyes are red and glowing.  His sword glows as well.

    The Geist is derived from the death of Enrique Valiente,  a Spanish soldier who came to Cuba where he met Hernan Cortez and joined him in the Conquest of the Aztecs.  Valiente was a professional soldier, but only became one after being forced to leave the priesthood in Salamanca because of his brutality.  There were questions about his sanity at the time and he was too difficult for even his family to handle which is why he was turned away and sent to the military.  He was consumed with the idea of God as a punisher of both non-believers and those that did not believe enough.  Even though he did not like Cortez’s loose morals, he saw an opportunity to spread Christianity his way with a sword.  It did not seem likely that Cortez would have the same scruples as the priests in Salamanca.

    Essentially, Lucy’s Geist is a punisher.  Intolerant, insane and a believer in divine justice as he defines it.  Fundamentally, he is fueled by hate.

    So, why would he pick Lucy?  He picked her because she was a) a woman, therefore “easy to control”, (and remember “La Malinche, ” was Cortez’s translator during the Conquest); and b) a Mexican of mixed blood which reminds him of the victims he attacked while with Cortez.  He punishes her as he wants her to punish others because that is all he knows.  No one can fulfill his vision of God, but while it’s in his interest to meld with her and have high synergy, it must be on his terms.

    After the Binding

    The first head of La Familia, Nazario Moreno Gonzalez, (aka El Mas Loco) preached his organization’s divine right to eliminate enemies.  He carried a “bible” of his own sayings and insisted that his army of traffickers and hitmen avoid using the narcotics they sold and be kind to women and children. He was eventually killed.

    Lucia, who was raised as a strict Catholic, began reading the Bible and Gonzalez’s writings more and arrived at the belief that she must rid herself of her Geist because she had the divine right to eliminate him.  He was her enemy and had turned her into an abomination to God and she could not live with what had essentially become an internalized Arturo.  (If anyone has ever been in an abusive relationship, the abuser’s voice can become internalized leaving the victim believing everything they say.  It takes a long time to get that thinking out of the victim’s head.  In Lucy’s case, the voice really was in her head and she was under a new abuser’s control and vulnerable to his punishments when she resisted him.)

    Lucy decided through her own form of logic that this could be done by recreating her original death and having Arturo kill her.  She tried to find Arturo through her White Center connections.  They led her to Vaca, a cousin in the Escobar family who make up Los Picadores (another Sin Eater krewe).  Lucia knew of a stash of cocaine that Arturo had been slowly secreting away.  She promised Vaca half for information about Arturo and the other half later.  Vaca agreed.

    When they met again, Vaca provided her with information that Arturo had been an informant for the Seattle police.  He also showed her a video in which members of Los Picadores were torturing another informant who gave them the same information about Arturo.  The lead questioner was the head of the Escobar clan.  Lucy was confused because she’d never suspected such a thing of Arturo.  When Vaca demanded the second half of the cocaine, she used a Passion Marionette to make him fall in love with her so that he let her go without asking for anything else.  Of course, Vaca’s state would only last a few hours, but Lucy was long gone by the time that happened.  His henchmen were left rather confused.

    Lucy asked Frankie Manetti, another Sin-Eater, what she could find out about Arturo through her connections at the police department.  Manetti confirmed that Arturo was indeed an informant.  Lucy asked her to help her find Arturo and Manetti arranged for a flesh fair in which she invited los Picadores and, for other reasons, the Caretakers (a Bellevue krewe.)  Lucy talked to the head of the Escobar family while there, although her Geist began acting up and she became very high-strung and threatening.  Despite being insulted by her behavior, the head Escobar spoke to Manetti and decided to find out what happened to Arturo.  He left and came back, ignoring the gun that Lucy accidentally let drop, and told her that Arturo had been murdered.  His body was dumped in Georgetown Bay.

    In the meantime, Clay, another Sin-Eater, decided that something was going on and, for his own purposes, he asked to speak to Lucy alone.  He offered to help her in whatever situation she was in, but if Arturo had hurt her or was a bad man, he had to be taken care of.  Lucy extorted a promise from Clay that he would let her do what she needed to do first and then he could do whatever he wanted with Arturo.  He agreed.

    Her plan was to have Clay call up Arturo’s ghost and then she would force Arturo to kill her again, hoping to reverse her binding with the Geist and gambling that she would then pass to the beyond and skip the ghost stage.  But then Clay disappeared for a long time and she didn’t know what to do.

    First, she thought she could force the Geist to leave her through derangements.  Then, via the confrontation with the Caretakers, she learned about how they ate ghosts and that was an abomination to Geists.  When Lucy said that the Caretaker in captivity’s position about destroying ghosts sounded reasonable, she had a violent reaction from her Geist which left her writhing on the floor.

    This gave Lucy the impetus to begin her consumption of ghosts.  She consumed a ghost, but it disgusted her and she threw up.  Still, it did create a derangement and some discord with her Geist.  But it wasn’t enough and the Geist was creating more pain with more voices and actual headaches.  She went to the Museum of Death where the other Sin-Eaters decided to venture down near the Underworld in search of more Caretakers.  She went with them and disappeared, but no one noticed her missing.  Tired of waiting for Clay, she decided to try and call for Arturo herself in old Ballard.  But she was unsuccessful and went back up to the surface.

    She went back to using cocaine and started missing work.  Her manager, who had helped her so much, felt she had no choice, but to fire her.  Afterwards, Lucy went to the Museum of Death again and Alex offered her work in repo.  When she left the museum, Violet, sensing her distress, tried to offer her help and to offer her hope that she could eventually meld and overcome her Geist’s abusive power.  But, by then, Lucy was too despondent and too tired to really continue living much longer.

    So she went to the storage room where she kept her remaining supply of cocaine and almost over dosed.  She managed to get home and wrote some deranged emails to both Violet and Manetti, alluding in one to her consumption of a ghost and to her obsession with “divine justice” in both.  She went out to get some dinner and awoke in the morning with a trail of blood leading to her bed, bloody boots and bloody clothes.  She had no idea how they got there and was terrified.

    In the meantime, unbeknownst to Lucy, Manetti had used her scrying power to find out that Lucy had attacked some homeless men and torn them apart, leaving one of their heads stuck to a brick wall.  Manetti reported her findings to Violet, including the emails from Lucy.  Violet shared her own emails from Lucy.  They then met with the other Sin Eaters and decided to try and meet with Lucy to see if they could contain her as she was becoming a danger.

    By this time, Clay and Rachel had returned and Clay offered to call Lucy about their previous agreement.   Clay claimed that he had contained Arturo’s ghost in a box and she would have to meet with him and the other Sin-Eaters in order to talk to the ghost.  He also told her what Manetti had seen.  Having absolutely no memory of this, Lucy was horrified.  Faced with no other choice but to agree to his terms, she asked for a night to herself to attend Mass.  Clay reported this to the other Sin Eaters who agreed to meet with her tomorrow instead of tonight.  Violet offered to attend Mass with her and Lucy agreed.

    The next day, Lucy met with Clay with the other Sin-Eaters in the distance.  She was unaware that Aurora was quite near her, but invisible.  Clay revealed the box in which Arturo was chained.  Arturo rose and Lucy asked that his chains be removed.  Clay reluctantly agreed.

    She spoke with Arturo.  He didn’t look very well.  It was hard for her to talk with him with Clay present, but Clay wouldn’t leave.  Clay appeared to have a strong hold on Arturo (unbeknownst to Lucy, Clay had brutally subdued Arturo by doing all sorts of things to the point that the ghost was terrified of him.)  Lucy was perplexed by Arturo’s calm demeanor, but finally told him that she wanted him to kill her again.  She offered him the knife and he took it.  Clay warned him not to use it and started to argue with Lucy who reminded him of his promise to let her do what she wants.  After she gets what she wants, Clay can do anything he wants with Arturo.  Arturo admitted he originally killed her because he thought she was sleeping around.  She then told him she was (even though she wasn’t) and he killed her with the knife to her throat.  Clay tried to dispose of the ghost, but Aurora stepped in and says that he needs to be released from his anchor so he can pass on.

    In the meantime, the Sin Eaters clustered around the dying Lucy.  Manetti tries first aid, Violet began to pray the rosary, Aurora and Clay argue, Alex and Bill stood around pretty helplessly.  Finally, Manetti decided to stop the first aid because Lucy was too far gone and her death was what she wanted.  Then they took her body away.



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