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    Willamette Heritage Center is hosting Oregon Trail Live in Salem, Oregon that I wish I could go to, and the Portland Mercury has some details.  — Brie

    Wired has a really great article about transmedia, storytelling, and collaborative storytelling.  — Brie

    Forbes spoke to the creators of the new Baldur’s Gate revamp about “dumbed down gaming”, and had this tidbit to share:

    Better still for video gamers itching for a tabletop-like experience, Oster notes that they’ve “added the calculations which are used for AC, HP, THAC0 and weapon damage to the sheet.”  — Brie

    A little self promotion – the Gamerati Jamestown schedule is posted, and Brie Sheldon will be representing Gaming as Women and running Shadowrun 3rd Edition in the afternoon!  — Brie

    Check out Jessica Hammer’s post on instructional design in RPGs over at Replayable.  — Brie

    Last but not least, PAX Prime and Dragon*Con both kicked off this week. It’s a good chance to see what’s new and exciting in the gaming ‘verse.   — Brie



    I'm a 25 year old admin assistant from around Pittsburgh, PA. I am married, work and attend college concurrently, and have been tabletop gaming for about 8 years. I blog (very, very periodically), and write unpublished short stories. I play tabletop RPGs, board games, and both casual and RPG video games. I live for the social part of gaming, but do enjoy a good explosion, and am learning the ropes of creating worlds in which people can play.


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      September 2, 2012 at 21:21

      “Brie Sheldon will be representing Gaming as Women and running Shadowrun 3rd Edition in the afternoon”

      Brie, you are officially my hero. It’s become rare to see people running 3rd. Hope you have a great time at Gamerati!

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        September 3, 2012 at 01:37

        I hope so too! It is my first time running for new people, but I’m happy to get out and share a game I really enjoy with others. :)

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