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    Patricia Vollmer at Wired discusses taking her kids to Dragon*Con – the good and the bad. – Brie

    Kelly Knox at Wired gives some advice on how to meet other geek parents – pretty basic, but always good to know! – Brie

    Fantasy Flight is picking up Game of Thrones, Star Wars, and Netrunner, and there are miniatures galore. – Brie

    There’s a Kickstarter for a new game called Story Realms by Springboard, a family RPG/Story Telling game – it looks quite interesting! -Brie

    Forbes highlights a study about dice randomness by Awesome Dice Blog! Which do you prefer, Chessex or GameScience? Tell us in the comments, or tag us on G+ or twitter in your discussions!  – Brie

    In the category of things I totally did not know, MTV News has a hobby gaming section that features a fair amount of tabletop game news! -Brie

    MyBrainLies on YouTube is doing a series of videos about gaming and gamer environments when you have mental and physical illnesses, and talking about rape and sexual violence in gaming environments. (Triggers: Rape, sexual assault, especially the latest video!)  – Brie

    The Settlers of Catan World Championships are this weekend. ‘Nuff said. -Brie

    There’s going to be a new Magic: The Gathering set out soon and MTV has some details. -Brie

    Slate talks about American soldiers and their love of tabletop games like Warhammer 40k.  -Brie

    Surprise! Gaming club provides a “haven, community” for students in Illinois. Good to see news that’s talking about good environments for gaming. -Brie

    There is a study available (free) at Taylor & Francis Online by Anastasia Salter & Bridget Blodgett  about the Penny-Arcade Dickwolves controversy and hypermasculinity. -Brie



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