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    This article from the Guardian is a little upsetting, but the discussion about how “creepshots”* impact women is a valuable one. There’s something to learn here – not the least of which being stop being creepy.

    I’d like to booyah the Caracal battalion – Israel’s only co-ed unit with 60% women – for being super awesome and an inspiration to women, civilians, and soldiers everywhere. In spite of constant criticism, female soldiers in every service are really just amazing people.

    I love this bite-sized article from Tess Rinearson about female-friendly design!

    “…win women over by making flagship-quality products that fits into our hands and our pockets and our lives. …more generally: Solve real problems.” -excerpt from the article

    In sports – the first female jockey, Diane Crump, got heckled with “get back in the kitchen” jokes and was the first woman to compete in the Kentucky Derby. She’s known for a particular race in Puerto Rico… check out the article for the reason why!

    Last, I’d like to share a link from The Mary Sue about Ms. Magazine’s 40th Anniversary cover.


    (*UrbanDictionary definition: “A picture taken, generally of a woman, without her knowledge or consent. Creepshots are similar to upskirts, but are usually of the butts of women in yoga pants, or shots of women who happen to be showing a great amount of cleavage.” Ugh.)



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