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    On GeekFeminism.org, Tim Chevalier tells us How to Exclude Women Without Even Trying. This is an example of something that I think applies in Geek societies both with STEM careers and gaming tables, so it’s worth a look. -Brie

    Last week we mentioned Sunita Williams and the ISS toothbrush repair, but this week, we have even better news – Sunita Williams has become the second woman to have command of the ISS as of Monday (9/17). It’s a good month for women in space! -Brie

    It turns out that the art that J.R.R. Tolkien believed best represented his books was by painter Mary Fairburn. A recent discovery of letters between Fairburn and Tolkein may lead to her finally getting credit for her work!

    For those of you near Pittsburgh, the Mattress Factory is doing an exhibit, “Feminism and…” that sounds like it will be worth checking out. -Brie

    Ukranian feminist organization, FEMEN, is in the news for setting up a new location in Paris. “Come, strip, win.” (link NSFW – nudity) is their “fighting strategy” – they are turning the focus on their bodies to their advantage. -Brie





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