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    (We had a service outage last week, so here are the links for then and now!)

    Check out this awesome  look at victim blaming by glosswitch! – Brie

    A great reference of Convention harassment policies and who to contact if your Cons (of any variety) don’t have harassment policies – I am not surprised to see Anthrocon on the list (as a Pittsburgh resident), and it looks like plenty of cons still have something to learn from the furry community. – Brie

    Adult actress Stoya recently spoke out about street harassment on her Tumblr.  Some quotes from her posts Not-cool things to do, bro… follow:

    “Let me remind you that in a room of pornography fans … I am treated with far more respect than I am walking down the street.”  – Part 1 ((NSFW) (Triggers: sexual assault, harassment))

    “We shouldn’t have to have a big angry dog named Funster to protect us. We shouldn’t have to carry Mace or a knife, hoping that we’ll be able to use it properly if necessary or investing hours of our lives in self defense courses (something a lot of women have neither the time nor disposable income to do). We shouldn’t have to travel in packs to feel safe (again, something that isn’t really feasible).” – Part 2 ((NSFW) (Triggers: sexual assault, harassment))


    If any readers are in Edinburgh, Scotland check out the Summerhall exhibit “Only Women Women Only”, a feminist exhibit open only to women through September 27, 2012.  -Brie

    BBC Online Magazine is featuring Susan Travers, the only woman to have ever been in the French Foreign Legion. – Brie

    And reminding many of us why we wanted to go to space as a kid is Sunita Williams, saving the ISS with a toothbrush and breaking records like a badass. -Brie

    Wikipedia has a really bizarre gender distribution for contributors and what they contribute to – more at The Mary Sue. -Brie

    In “seriously?” news, we have a teenage female golfer being pushed from her team (where the other players have no objection to her playing) by coaches. -Brie

    I’m a little bummed to see Michelle Rodriguez saying she doesn’t have enough action film experience to be in a female-ensemble Expendables. -Brie

    i09 has a piece on the “Great Geek Sexism Debate“. Can we agree that the fact that sexism exists in the geek community and that these harassment cases occurred is no longer up for debate? Also, I love the consent cards featured in the article. -Brie

    The Jane Dough compiled a little information about Amanda Marcotte’s discussions on harassment . -Brie




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