• DandD 3.5e Forgotten Realms Home Game, how many years into it?

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    18 March 2012 Forgotten Realms

    3 players in person, 1 player (out of state) via Skype – Characters:

    • Rejanon – male aasimar paladin/cleric of Torm, god of battle, male player
    • Dratsab – male tiefling rogue/warlock/crimelord, wannabe demigod of stirges, male player, via Skype
    • Darvin – male human priest (monk/sorcerer/chosen of Mystra) of Mystra, male player
    • Amber Nightblade -female half-drow/half-human fighter/cleric/sword dancer of Ellistraee, female player
    • GM, female

    [Rejanon’s player talked about growing old, playing MMOG and has to wear wrist braces to bed, because ‘his other wrist hurt’. Both women at the table heard ‘my uterus hurts’.]

    [Once Skype player, Dratsab, finally connected, discussion about his wedding and conversation segued to the alignment tests and what’s wrong with them; they don’t have the right answers so they’re wrong.

    GM just got the PFS iconic minis and she loves them, for things like the bottom of them are white so they’re legible]

    [Conversation about the Pathfinder Society adventure Feast of Ravenmoor, and how Dratsab’s player really needs to play it. It’s like it was written for him]

    GM asked: ‘Hmm, Gargantuan is bigger then huge, isn’t it?’ As she fondled a huge spider mini. Everyone agreed that she shouldn’t ask things like that.

    Player commented on his newly purchased dice and I made the ‘represent’ sign (yes, all of us identify as Caucasian) and another player gave the ‘dice represent’ sign (fist thump chest twice and then dice cast)

    The new black dragon mini arrives next week and why it’s bad (for the players) that the GM has 2, or more.

    We talked about previous player in the game who years ago claimed ‘you can’t have undead trees. They’re not in the monster manual’ and why he was wrong. Funny enough, Pathfinder does have them.

    GM and a player ordered lunch and it’s late. Brief synopsis of last session’s game: nagas we killed last time; we found their loot and Darvin said, “They were naga bards, doing their scales” and everyone, almost in unison, groaned.

    Day 28, 3rd day in the caverns

    The cavern got too small for us to continue, we’ll have to backtrack 2-3 days and take the last split.

    [conversation about old Living Greyhawk game and old PCs and a specific incident that an incredibly high spot managed to nerf]

    Rejanon sent his paladin mount back to the celestial realms. The night passed uneventfully and Pumpkin, his unicorn, returned in the morning, bringing muffins from Sofia (NPC once a PC, whose player left for grad school).

    Day 29, 4th day in the cavern

    We continue towards the split, after casting our daily spells and activating the hats of disguise (we look like drow and riding lizards). The morning was quiet, no purple worms or bullettes. We did see the purple worm corpse But it has its skin; and we skinned the one we killed earlier. That’s not good.

    We investigated, warily. It looked like its blood had all been sucked out of it. Everyone turned to look at Dratsab. He looked to see how the blood was drawn; giant stirge, stirge swarm, vampire, etc? He found multiple holes, so not a giant stirge. There’s two big holes, about two hand length apart.

    [Ack, storm giant vampire?]

    Rejanon examined it and said, ‘it’s only been dead for a few hours.’ From unfortunate experience, we cut off its head [because there’s a chance it would rise as undead] and continued.

    The two D’s continued their silent, invisible way [Dratsab has ring of invisibility and flight; and Darvin has ring of invisibility to Darkvision]. We all tried to move quietly and kept on the alert. Something killed that purple worm and it’s probably still in the area. With their swords out, Rejanon and Amber can see Dratsab [both have a weapon that gives See Invisible].

    [Darvin said, ‘I want a character with a good hide, but I’ve never found a game to play a taxidermist in’]


    We all spotted the gargantuan spider at the same time; the same one that we killed earlier, and it’s waiting on the ceiling of the tunnel ahead of us.

    The paladin wants to take a bathroom break to clean his armor. Side conversation about the Skype player’s wedding & honeymoon plans. And we make jokes about it (he’s turning off his cell phone and removing the battery)

    [background: spider was the Guardian of the Web in the city we just left. The first time we fought it, it kicked us around and we barely escaped with our lives. The second time we fought, we managed to kill it. Unfortunately, due to the unholy aura of the area, things that die tend to come back as undead. And some of them come back as revenants, to get revenge on the one who struck the killing blow.]

    The spider’s eyes were glowing red and looking at Dratsab [will save]. He froze and fell out of the air.

    Slurp,Dratsab’s stirge familiar, retreated, flying as far away as he could, and Dratsab, physically frozen, tried to use his warlock ‘dim door’ (Dimensional Door spell) ability to join Slurp. I rode forward and cast Fear, which is useless against undead. Rejanon rode in front of Dratsab, ready to defend him. The spider was indeed a revenant. Darvin pulled out his chain, and cast Many Jaws on the spider. The spider managed to avoid half the jaws. The spider responded by going around us to reach Dratsab. Everyone attacked as it passed by and did varied amounts of damage. Rejanon smote the spider. Then it healed, a tiny bit.

    Dratsab remained ready try his dimdoor. It bit me as I closed, but I managed to land a good blow. Moonshadow, my barbarian/fighter Awakened horse, raged and kicked it but did not penetrate its hide. Rejanon was able to safely close, then he and Pumpkin both attacked the spider revenant. Darvin circled around the spider, to stand in front of Dratsab. His spell continued to nip at it. The spider attacked Dratsab and he randomly teleported, onto Pumpkin, leaving them both squeezed. An invisible Greater Image was left behind him. The attack hit the image but the revenant knew that wasn’t him. The spider cussed in infernal. Slurp taunted him.

    My mount and I continued to hack away at it. The Manyjaws continued to nip and Darvin struck. Squeezed, Rejanon managed to land a secondary blow but didn’t do much. Dratsab wasn’t paralyzed any more; just prone and squeezed. Dratsab, still with his mace out, swung and managed to land a blow but didn’t do any damage. The spider bit Dratsab and tried to poison him.

    [A player asked, Why are the two extraplanar guys squeezing during combat?’ Reply: ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell?’]

    I got lucky and landed the final blow. It was dead. Again.

    Someone realized we’ll need to kill it with fire to keep it dead and keep it from rising again. Even removing its head wouldn’t keep it from coming back. And because of its fiendish heritage has fire resistance.

    While we discussed how to hit with enough fire to kill it permanently, Rejanon hacked on it, just to keep it down.

    Darvin cast Mystra’s Flaming Hug of Death, a high level Mystra priest spell, [aka Balor’s Nimbus] and hugged it. It took more than half a minute to make sure it was most sincerely dead. He kept hugging until the spell ran out. Rejanon cut off its head, too.

    The paladin found a collar on its neck, with tags. The tag is the size of a dinner platter and said, “Fred the Fiendish, if found please contact Sesdom Marshin in Sith Morkain”. The tag is magic and has permanent prestidigitation to keep it shiny and clean, and Barkskin [like an amulet of natural armor+5]. Darvin took it and tossed it in his haversack (he wants to put it on the neck of a sleeping T-Rex that’s about to rampage through a village). We don’t know if we’ve killed Sesdom Marshin, or not. We didn’t ask for very many names when we rampaged through Sith Morkain.

    As we came across corpses of things we killed on our way earlier, we took their heads. Eventually, we made camp.





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