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    The Backup Ribbon Project is a new initiative to help make conventions a safer place for women and other victims of con harassment:

    If you take a Backup ribbon or you wear a Backup t-shirt, you are promising one very simple thing: You WILL be That Person to help out anybody being harassed. Gender, orientation, presentation is irrelevant. You WILL find a way to help, whether by directly intervening, getting help from elsewhere, or simply listening the person being harassed. You WILL be there for them. You WILL accept that they believe they have been harassed. You WILL NOT question them or doubt them, You WILL give them whatever help they wish.

    No judgment. No exceptions. We got your back. 


    Not in the Kitchen Anymore is an established presence in the gaming blogsphere, documenting the constant harrassment going on in online gaming (specifically, posting audio clips from XBox Live.) This Monday’s post is a testament to how awful things can really get. – Giulia



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