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    Hello everyone!  I know it’s taken me some time to submit more than a comment or two but when I talk, I have a lot to say!  GenCon is fast approaching and I wanted to let everyone know I have organized two seminar panels for 2012 (it was more of an, “if you build it, they will come” premise), and I will also be contributing on a third panel.  These topics are near and dear to me, and I know at least some of them are also very much of interest to everyone here.  This is my first year as an organizer and panelist, so be kind!  I may be at the head table but that doesn’t mean I’m a subject matter expert; I learn just as much from the audience as the panelists.  There will be a wide variety of women joining me at the head table, and I’m so grateful they are sharing their insights and perspectives with everyone.

    Thur: 12 noon – 1 pm: Attending Conventions With Your Baby/Toddler/Child

    • Yes, it can be done!  I will be joining the panel and discussing the ups, downs, and logistics of bringing your younglings to conventions big and small.

    Fri: 4 pm – 5:30 pm: Women in Gaming

    • Referred to in certain circles as, “Oh God Not This Shit Again!!”  Yes, it’s that shit again.  We will be discussing the female experience in the gaming industry, covering both tabletop and online gaming environments as consumers (and maybe even the design end if we get input from that side).  Many topics will be covered, as this is a “potpourri” style seminar.  We will do a bit of Q&A but also will facilitate discussion between attendees. GAW’s own Tracy Hurley and GeekMom contributor Nicole Wakelin will be featured panelists.

    Sun: 11 am – 12:30 pm: Motherhood and Gaming

    • Following the same format as Friday’s talk, we’ll be discussing how becoming, and being, a mom can change your gaming experience.  Adrienne Jones from Baby Toolkit will be joining me at the head table.

    The seminars are open to everyone regardless of gender or parent status and are free to attend.  If you see me at the panels or in the hallways, please stop and say hi!  I’ll be the one in a corset herding around my two young daughters.



    I am Nicole in real life. Married for 14 years to a fellow geek, mom to two young daughters, I work full time in the financial services/content publishing industry, and claim to be a tabletop gamer whenever I can find a moment. I am a pretty regular "commenter" but would like to become at least an occasional contributor. I am also running two seminars at GenCon 2012: Women in Gaming and Motherhood and Gaming. I've been involved with their forum community since 2008.

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      How did the panels go? Thanks for organizing them!

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