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    Illustration Art wrote a scathing commentary on the art at Comic Con:   Once again, this year’s ComicCon brought together the world’s most diverse array of pictures of large breasted barbarian women wearing skimpy chain mail halter tops and brandishing broad swords.   The post is hilarious (and sad), and I would encourage anyone with an interest in illustration to check out the rest of the blog as well.  – Dymphna

    The people behind the well known film The Gamers (Dead Gentlemen / Zombie Orpheus Entertainment) are currently running a Kickstarter campaign for The Gamers: Hands of Fate. Their latest update is titled “Women in Gaming – Where we Stand“, because, as they write, “To remain silent as a vocal minority of male gamers insult, threaten, and assault woman gamers would be a crime against this hobby that we love.” – Giulia



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