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    Lizzie Stark asks a panel of freeform GMs about the role of debriefing in freeform games.  It’s worth a read if you play or run emotionally charged games of any kind, freeform or no. – Dymphna

    Rebecca Veverka of Word of the Nerd writes an excellent data-driven post that debunks the top six myths that surround gamer women. – Dymphna

    Gamerati interviews Paula Dempsey, ENnie-nominated author of The Investigator’s Guide to Occult London: “How did I get started in the games industry? I could give you a tale of youthful enthusiasm, knocking on the doors of publishers with my great idea, only to face rejection after rejection, before finally having an idea accepted. But the truth is simpler. I fell into it.” – Giulia

    Jennisodes’ series of episodes on the LotFP IndieGogo campaign gets to the Anna Kreider episode, about We Who Are Lost and other topics, blogging included. – Giulia



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