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    Google+ is all aflutter with talk of the upcoming Indie+ event – running from the 9th to the 15th of July, Indie+ will take place exclusively online, leveraging the Google Hangout technology. Focused on “Indie game publishers, writers, artists, podcasters and bloggers”, the event will feature gaming slots and panel discussions on several topics, including the Depiction of Women in RPGs panel, hosted by our very own Arlene Medder. – Giulia

    The Kickstarter for Bully Pulpit’s Durance is coming to a close! Just a few hours to go. If you liked Fiasco and you enjoy social science fiction, you can’t let this fall off your radar. – Giulia

    NordNordOst’s Wilhelm Person invites Giulia Barbano to talk about Gaming as Women, the Italian indie and convention scene, GameChef 2012, translating games, what Polaris has in common with IKEA, and many other things. – Elin

    The most recent update of the hugely successful Banner Saga project on Kickstarter offers a thorough breakdown of what happens when you have 20,000 backers, 4,000 of which have pledged at a level including physical rewards, and you’re doing your own fulfillment. Read the full post for a detailed breakdown or watch the video update below. – Giulia



    Player of all sorts of games, tabletop roleplaying games publisher, engineer, and amateur designer. Based in northern Italy, I live with a pretty cool artist, a ton of books and too much technology.




    Elin Dalstål is a game designer, larp and convention organizer living in Luleå, Sweden.

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      July 11, 2012 at 19:21

      It’s nice to see Fat Shark involves a female player in some of its games, wish other game makers did. I only use a PC for my games, maybe that limits me, but my lifestyle does not let me get anywhere near other types of devices like Xbox etc. I long for a first person female game I can really get into, become involved, pretty myself up in and become an integeral part of the game, ie not just some bit of ‘crumpet’ added in to liven things up for the guy doing all the action. Patience is a virtue, sigh.

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