• Gaming As Women nominated for Best Blog in the ENnie Awards

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    Our Gaming As Women community was only a thought and a dream a few months ago. That dream was to unite a group of superbly talented women gamers and share our stories with the world. Since then we’ve reached almost 100,000 page views worldwide. This morning it was announced that Gaming as Women has been nominated for an ENnie! We are so incredibly psyched. It turns out the things we care about are the things you care about too, and that is simply wonderful.

    Here’s some of the reactions over at the Gaming As Women headquarters to the nomination:

    We’re in such good company this year. All of the nominees contribute stellar ideas to the game blogging world. Congratulations to us all! The others up for best blog are:


    It warms my heart to be a part of this incredible group of intelligent, insightful, compassionate… ok I’m getting a little sappy. Seriously, though, I’m just so proud of all the contributors here at Gaming As Women, and equally proud of the community that supports us! Congrats to everyone who has written a post, designed a header, made an insightful comment, and shared a link.




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      July 26, 2012 at 07:38

      Congratulations to the authors and contributors.

      And a truckload of votes from me (if I could)!

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