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    On Giant Fire Breathing Robot, this interview with Andy Kitkowski – founder and moderator of the indie gaming forum Story-Games – has some interesting stuff about online communities. It’s well worth a read. – wundergeek

    There’s a new Lara Croft trailer is out at this year’s E3 which features 3 minutes of brutal violence against (both physical and sexual) against Lara. Uncomfortable yet? How about the fact that the devs have explicitly stated that they intend the new game to be an exploration of what exactly made Lara such a strong character. Because we all know that what makes female characters strong is rape. (Haven’t we just had this conversation?) – wundergeek

    We’ve had Anita Sarkeesian’s kickstarter for a Feminist Frequency video series on Tropes Versus Women in Video Games featured here at GaW already, but I thought it would be worth linking to this post where shows examples of the kinds of harassing and silencing comments she’s gotten on the video she made promoting the kickstarter. (Trigger warning for general internet awfulness.) – wundergeek



    I’m an occasional game illustrator, and game designer, long-time LARPer, and player of tabletop roleplaying games (mostly indie games). I have a terminal addiction to board games. I also play both PC and console games – mainly RPGs of all stripes, but I do enjoy puzzle games like Katamari as well. My main source of gaming notoriety, however, is the feminist gaming blog Go Make Me a Sandwich. In addition to being a cranky feminist blogger, I am a photographer and somewhat half-assed writer living in the wilds of Canada with a wonderful spouse and two slightly broken cats.


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      Dork Tower on the Tomb Raider trailer. Epic.

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