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    Over at Critical Damage, Brendan writes this awesome, awesome smack-down of the notion that video gaming is free of rape culture, using the recent Hitman: Absolution trailer as a springboard for talking about how rape culture manifests itself in video games and why it matters. This is a great basics-level post dealing with rape culture and is written largely from a by-a-man-for-men perspective. – wundergeek

    Unsurprisingly, as tends to happen with these sorts of things, the backlash against the Hitman: Absolution trailer has led a fair number of people (including Tycho of Penny Arcade) to respond with the tried and true “if you don’t like it, make your own”. Deirdre takes a good look on the Border House at why that response sucks and is nothing more than a silencing tactic. – wundergeek

    Streets of Bedlam is a game in development that was funded through Kickstarter. One of the reward levels was being written into the book as an NPC, but when the authors realized that the Kickstarter contributors were mostly male, they asked if some of the contributors would be willing to switch genders for their NPCs, and some of them are! This is the sort of thing that makes me very happy. – wundergeek

    This is a fascinating read about D&D, brand loyalty, and its business strategies for D&D Next. Well worth a read for anyone who is interested in following the development of the new edition. – wundergeek



    I’m an occasional game illustrator, and game designer, long-time LARPer, and player of tabletop roleplaying games (mostly indie games). I have a terminal addiction to board games. I also play both PC and console games – mainly RPGs of all stripes, but I do enjoy puzzle games like Katamari as well. My main source of gaming notoriety, however, is the feminist gaming blog Go Make Me a Sandwich. In addition to being a cranky feminist blogger, I am a photographer and somewhat half-assed writer living in the wilds of Canada with a wonderful spouse and two slightly broken cats.


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      June 4, 2012 at 08:03

      The most eye-rolling piece of apologetics I stumbled across this week?

      “Rape culture doesn’t exist, and when these feminists talk about it, it cheapens actual rape!”

      I’m so conflicted right now. I was really, really looking forward to Hitman, but I REALLY don’t want to reward Square-Eidos for this garbage. I suppose you could argue that the marketing department is distinct from the development side, and the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing, but I’m still giving serious consideration to buying this game second-hand.

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