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    UK D&D Tweetups, a group that organizes D&D events in the UK, has this post here talking about ways in which they plan to make their events welcoming to female participants. It’s so simple, and so, so, so good. This is exactly what we need more of at public gaming events and conventions, for reals. – wundergeek

    This post by Curt Thompson about why he doesn’t want to identify as a geek or gamer is a challenging look at the sexism, racism, and homophobia that is rampant in gamer/geek culture. – wundergeek

    Related to the UK D&D Tweetups link: over on Geek FeminismCourtney Stanton explains how she got 50% women speakers at her tech conference. It’s a thoughtful post which will be useful for anyone who organizes events, as the issue of self-rejection is quite visible in several other occasions (e.g. gaming conventions). – Giulia



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