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    After Pax East, Mouseguard is featured in Penny Arcade! – Kira

    Filamena Young and David Hill release their kickstarter for Farewell to Fear: A Progressive Post-Fantasy RPG.  “Farewell to Fear is our “Progressive Post-Fantasy Roleplaying Game”. What do we mean by that? Fantasy’s full of all sorts of legacy concepts that are rather disgusting to us; sexism, classism, racism, institutional violence, those are just a few choice items. Farewell to Fear is a game about revolution, about taking fantasy out of the dark ages through drive and action.” – Kira

    This one’s a few weeks old now, but Geek and Sundry, Felicia Day’s new online entertainment channel about geekiness and gaming, features a segment called TableTop. Is analog getting more popular?! – Kira

    Paying attention, folks? THIS is how you apologize when you screw up. The Oatmeal posted a stupid comic purporting that women get abused less than men in voice chat in online gaming. (Which is not true, by the way. Just visit Fat, Ugly, or Slutty if you need proof.) A lot of people complained and he issued this apology, which wasn’t just a “sorry you were offended” apology either. So kudos to the Oatmeal. It’s never fun screwing up publicly, but he handled it with aplomb. – wundergeek

    Judd Karlman won all of my XP for a day with this inspired satire of fantasy game art and fiction. Make especially sure that you read the comments! – wundergeek

    Monte Cook is leaving his Wizards contract for DnD Next. He cites a difference of opinion with the company. Monte has a history of fighting for diversity in gaming. I doubt we’ll ever hear what really went on, but he stresses that his disagreement had nothing to do with his fellow design team. – Filamena



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