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    Here’s some linkspam with a nerdy, geeky, gamy bent because it’s stuff we’re talking about, and you might want to talk about it too!

    Oh Canada! Crossing between This Week in Feminism, and This Week in Gaming, I give you a happy little article about a network of video game creators hoping to help level the gendered playing field! – Filamena

    Here’s a Kickstarter for you. One of many old skool mothers of gaming is setting up a studio, and wants your help funding it for a year. Jane Jensen (go ahead, look her up, woah with the cred) is Kickstarting a year of Pinkerton Road. The entry level is nice and low, and choices delicious. Seriously check this out. It’s important. – Filamena

    Prose Before Blows. (Cute title aside) is a neat look at the growing importance of story over kill ’em all in modern video games. Yay! Now if only DnDNext took ideas like that to heart…. I’m not holding my breath either. – Filamena

    Ennies. Ennies. Ennies. We aren’t yet at the point where that’s all we’re hearing about in the table top world, but we’re getting pretty close. (Don’t even TALK to me about how the GoH program seems to be going. I have nothing but rumors and rage at this point.) However, one of the Ennies judges, and all around great guy is asking for PLEASE PLEASE more entries to the Ennies! What do you think? What games do you think deserve a shout out? Anyone do the numbers on female designers/writers/products? Products and blogs by PoC? Is it all just the same ENworld self gratification? What do you think? – Filamena

    As Mordecai Knode writes over on Tor.com, it would be really, really easy to increase racial diversity in illustrations for the new D&D 5th Edition. And also? It would be really awesome. This is a really great take on the issue from someone who fits the “traditional” demographic of D&D (white and male) who none the less argues that increased racial diversity makes the product more appealing to everyone. – wundergeek



    Filamena is a professional writer and game designer who isn't very good at writing bios. Having written for White Wolf, Catalyst, Green Ronin and a number of smaller table top games, she's been freelancing for several years. Interested in the indie game scene, Filamena also publishes independently with her life partner at Machine Age Productions. She's the mother of two (almost three) kids, an outspoken liberal and pro sex feminist.




    I’m an occasional game illustrator, and game designer, long-time LARPer, and player of tabletop roleplaying games (mostly indie games). I have a terminal addiction to board games. I also play both PC and console games – mainly RPGs of all stripes, but I do enjoy puzzle games like Katamari as well. My main source of gaming notoriety, however, is the feminist gaming blog Go Make Me a Sandwich. In addition to being a cranky feminist blogger, I am a photographer and somewhat half-assed writer living in the wilds of Canada with a wonderful spouse and two slightly broken cats.


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