• Writer’s All Call: Galileo Games “The Lost” Anthology

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    The best way to make sure there are more women in this industry, more female voices, is to keep you aprised of places looking to hire (or barter) freelancers. As such, here’s an All-Call.

    Galileo Games, (publishers of Bulldogs!, Mortal Coil, Shelter in Place and more,) are looking for writers for an upcoming charity anthology based on their game A Kingdom of Nothing.

    Here’s the All-Call for you to check out yourself in detail.

    Here’s the run down.

    Submission Deadline: September First! Woo that’s a long way off.

    Word Count: Two to Eight thousand words.

    Cannon Knowledge Required: The announcement gives you a good idea of the basics of the setting. (So good in fact, I want the game now.) You can probably spring board from there, and I’m sure J.R. Blackwell is reachable for questions. She and Brennan are very approachable on the net. Full Disclosure: JR is a personal friend of mine, and she rocks so hard you should submit just for the chance to work with her should your piece be accepted. Really. The rocking. It’s hard.

    Paid?: Heck yeah it is. Flat rate of $100 is not a thing to sneeze at, plus, knowing Galileo Games and JR, you’d get some fat cash and your name on an anthology with some wonderful other contributors. I myself will probably be submitting. You totally need to write something better than mine and leave me in the dust! That’s a challenge.

    The Hotness (or why you want to submit): Assuming the ‘its for charity and you get paid’ thing isn’t enough for you, how about this from the submission guidelines?

    Galileo believes in gender equality, and stories should avoid sexist tropes. Women should not always be placed in reactive or passive roles, and female characters should be treated with the same interest and respect given male characters.

    Hot, right? You know it is. So anyway, get something polished, don’t forget the deadline, and for Dog’s sake, send in your shit! The only way to get published is to submit. *Whipcrack*



    Filamena is a professional writer and game designer who isn't very good at writing bios. Having written for White Wolf, Catalyst, Green Ronin and a number of smaller table top games, she's been freelancing for several years. Interested in the indie game scene, Filamena also publishes independently with her life partner at Machine Age Productions. She's the mother of two (almost three) kids, an outspoken liberal and pro sex feminist.


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