• Traveller Game, March 15, Part 2

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    The two guards were seated in a room and T’Var walked up hurriedly like he knew what he was doing and it was urgent. The guards went immediately on alert, and pointed rifles at him.

    T’Var: “The other guards sent me, to come get you. There’s a problem,” and turned and ran.

    One guard ran after him and T’Var lead him to Ali. Ali punched the guard with her stun glove and T’Var pulled his stunner. The guard fell like a meteor. T’Var shot the second guard when he poked his head out; two unconscious guards. They grabbed the keys and the guards’ slug thrower rifles.

    The guard room had a series of security monitors. T’Var and Aylana worked the security cameras to find the missing pair. There’s no sign of wounds, but both were strapped to chairs, heads lolling and they’d thrown up on themselves. T’Var put in the Phage program and set it to erase our existence from the Takeira computers.

    The trio opened the cell/interrogation doors. Aylana did what she could, enough so Tyler stopped hallucinating. He was unstable but able to walk. Abby muttered something about hating planets but she could walk after Aylana treated her.

    As they got back to the guard room, they heard someone trying to contact the guards [Star Wars jokes, ‘everything’s fine, how are you?’]. When the comm asked why the guards didn’t respond at first, T’Var said the guards had to step away to deal with a disturbance. Security Head asked what happened with the prisoners, they should be out for another 6 hours. T’Var told them it was an outside disturbance, some people looking for beer. Security Head went from “What the?” alarm to “Oh, great,” disgust.

    When I got into the garage, there were guards and mechanics all over the place. I asked if they’d eaten; because of the heightened security, they were pulling double duty. I went and got them some stew since they’d missed meal time. Generously, I waited for them to finish so I could collect the dirty dishes and remove the evidence. As they got a little sleepy, from the narcotics I’d added, I borrowed a mechanic’s access card and went to the ATV terminal. I set the ATVs and other vehicles to ‘Emergency, return to base’, scheduled to leave when we did, with ‘base’ being in assorted directions. Eventually, they’ll return to the garage but it will take hours and sow confusion.

    [As Asta left to get the food, one of the guards {GM} made a comment about ‘she’s not too bad, for a fuzzy.’ I made a joke about the guards loving their pussy and everyone joked about the diversity training I took this week and how harassing I was]

    Tyler and Abby were both unsteady and suggestible. The group was heading down the tunnel to the garage and was about halfway when they spotted a couple guards and mechanics. As they were noticed but Ali shot one of the guards with her stunner, knocking him out, and T’Var shot the other one full in the face. The two technicians turned and ran.  They got stunned, too.

    The group was almost at the garage when the alarm lights went off and the blast doors at the end started to close. Ali grabbed Tyler while T’Var grabbed Abby to rush them through. Ali had to squeeze through, bruising a bit, but she’d pushed Tyler ahead and he was unscathed.. The guards inside looked at them blearily.

    I pointed to our vehicle and we ran for it. We got in but the doors out of the garage closed. Tyler yelled, “Beer run” and Tyler and I, with T’Var’s help, got the blast doors open again. We drove over the remains of an ATV that had gotten caught in the doors.

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