• Traveller Game, March 1, Part 4 (final)

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    With some help from Gvoudson,and his forgery skills, Abby cut some orders for her to upgrade the server farm at the Retreat; and a maintenance order, to get Tyler to the Retreat, too. They made the usual ‘dowegotta’ complaints before they left.

    At the Retreat, Tyler shared some hooch with the guards while Abby screwed with the security. Tyler programmed an air raft to go to the Dome, to make it look like Gharukh had stolen one to get to the estate, and the scout ship. Abby got remote access to the Retreat’s security system.

    As soon as there’s not a ship in port, Abby signed up to get some extra pay by taking the night shift and Tyler was on shift at the mine. Abby noticed a security alert at the Retreat. Too bad there was a fault and the alert got reset and didn’t reach the dome. A few minutes later there’s some light and sound from the landing pad as a ship took off. The guards came around, woke everybody up and put everything on lockdown. Abby protested, because the her work was not going to get done. When they insisted, she told them she wasn’t taking the blame for her work not getting done.

    We all got woken up, which really pissed off the Takeira daughter. She whined and moaned the entire time. Everyone else got put into one area; except her and Ali, cause she wouldn’t move and Ali had to stay with her. At the mine, guards gathered all the workers in a common area, where the workers promptly started drinking, gambling and napping.

    We overheard the guards talking, making noises about a breakout from The Retreat and ‘they don’t know how she got onto the ship.’

    Abby got read the riot act because her maintenance work screwed up security. They threatened to ship her back to Zilla and dock her pay. She did her best to defend herself, she documented everything and she can’t help it if they didn’t read it. She got demoted and lost her security status. She protested, and complained to other employees, acting the affronted tech. At the mine, a manager went over to Tyler, ‘you were at the retreat doing maintenance work, right? You screwed up security and we’re docking you a week’s pay’ and took Tyler’s beer. Tyler popped open another brew and said, ‘ok.’ Since the workers were all gathered in one room, no one saw a certain robot trundle back to the repair yard.

    Later the security cordon was lifted after one of the system defense boats intercepted the ship and it was destroyed. It fell into the gas giant making it difficult to retrieve. At least, they said one of the defense boats intercepted it.



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