• Traveller Game, March 1, Part 3

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    We still have some programs [from a hacker we helped avenge himself on Takeira]. The Programs: 2 copies of each, 1 use each. Bug; monitors if terminal is being monitored. Ferret: seeks out particular item of info and finds its location. Phage: deletes a particular type of data, and anytime that data is ever entered, it will delete again. If a system is restored from a clean back up (pre-Phage) that will wipe it out.

    After a couple weeks, Gvoudson contacted us. He was back for a weekend. There’s a female Vargr, Gharukh, scientist at the Retreat. She’s a cryptographer; working on a particular type, using howood brooches, like the one Gvoudson has and Takeira has been so desparate to get their hands on. She found a way to hide cryptographic information on howood, something about the ferrous nature of the wood. [‘wait, we’re working our tails off and he’s getting a booty call?’ (From another fem player) The fact that she’s a specialist w/ howood (real game term) doesn’t help. She’s good looking so she’s a hot ho] And apparently she’s not happy with the her current job situation; they’ve been putting a lot of restrictions on her. She might be willing to find another employer. Gvoudson is quite capable of flying an air raft and there’s several at the Retreat. However, she’s made one escape attempt and they’re keeping an eye on her.

    The Retreat consists of a cemetery, vehicle garage, Gharukh and her staff, Crypto lab, and servants.

    When we leave, we don’t want them to associate us with her departure. We might use some distractions to cover our activities.

    -Conversation about possible distractions and plotting commenced

    Abby found some interesting files in Takeira computers, & copied three of them: correspondence and reports blaming the crash of the Takeira/Ukrut cargo ship, The Mammoth, on Oberlin, rather than accepting the blame for Ukrut negligence. The incident was to be used as the prime impetus for the trade war on Oberlin, along with the loss of the monopoly of Feireau wine on Zilla [that was actually our ‘fault’]. A much later note had Ashkash, the head of Takeira internal security (aka secret police) planning to personally look into security problem at Judespear [where the Mammoth crashed] in 2 months. There was also a note from the Marquis Takeira, using euphemisms and hints, questioning the wisdom of the trade war. It looked like he didn’t know about the negligence, as the local Operations Head used the loss of the Mammoth as a key reason.

    She also found a report, but wasn’t able to copy it: another cryptography lab doing parallel work on howood project, and suggested moving Gharukh to secure location (ie The Retreat).

    Tyler came up with faking Gharukh’s death in a fiery car crash; fudge the medical records to make a body from the morgue match up. Then distract everyone with a plague, enough to delay recognition of the fake. Problems: We don’t have enough drugs to make a really good plague and they’ll be checking that corpse really closely.

    It would work better if she ‘escaped in a ship’s boat’ and got lost in the system gas giant. [recurring joke about fueling up at the gas giant and getting some slurpies, drinks and jerky]. If we dose her with the fast drug [used to prep cryo patients] with a rebreather, and hide her in some defunct mining equipment, simultaneously fake her escape, before we leave, it will keep them from associating us and her escape.

    Gvoudson can give her the drugs, Tyler can program a robot from the mine repair bay to go to the Retreat and back again, Aylana can provide Ali with a drug to add to the guards’ drinks or for me to add to their food, and with them asleep Abby can program a scout ship to later take off and into the gas giant.

    Abby did the reprogramming the next night, for the ‘escape’ to take place in a few days. Abby programmed the scout ship to take off on her command and then fly like an amateur was at the helm before going ‘off course’ into the gas giant.

    Next part: We Have a Plan!



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