• Traveller Game, March 1, part 2

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    Fiereau, the wine family, was helping Oberlin with the fake ids. We stayed at the their family home in the capital and Lisa Fiereau (the heir we’d rescued from the Takeira kidnap plot) was there to greet us.

    At the hiring agency, they went through the interview routine and faked the security check. I got hired as a cook. Ali got hired as general labor. Aylana was a medic. The two Vargr were hired as assistants. Tyler got a job in the mines, as a mechanic. He spent his days working at the mine and back to the estate at night. Abby was doing data entry at the company offices. Oberlin suggested she keep her pilot skills quiet.

    The first several days were spent getting briefed and becoming accustomed to the jobs. The accommodations were bunks with cube walls. They’re at best, semi-private and we all had roommates. Our only way to talk privately was on our personal comms, using a scrambled frequency. The four main locations on the planet were the estate, the Retreat, the village, and the mine.

    Gvoudson got assigned to the Retreat, where the corporate work was handled. The estate guards were pretty decent, about 20 of them, but they’re not up to Ali’s standards. They’re not the most observant and rely heavily on everyone being pre-screened before arriving on Lewis. The security at the Retreat was much higher; air raft patrols circled it every hour.

    The mansion is under a dome. The guards here at the house didn’t have anything heavier than a gauss rifle and most of them didn’t have that. Some have slug pistols but most are armed with stun. The ones at Retreat had laser rifles. Obviously, the sensitive stuff is at the Retreat.

    There’s a small landing pad at the house and a small scout ship there. There’s also some stored ATVs. Most of them were for the family to ‘rough’ it; but some were more practical service vehicles.

    Tyler started a program that when the Takeira strip mine process came across the semi-precious gemstones, ‘sparklers’, he mapped the locations. He gave that map to any locals who came by. They got some extra credit by selling the gems to the Takeira, paying him in local brew. Since Tyler loves his brew, that struck him as eminently suitable.

    There was some challenging local vermin for me to eat. They’re of decent-size and they put up a fight. Whenever security caught one, they gave it to me to hunt, while they drank and made bets.

    Tyler shared his brew with security, which made him popular with them, too. The mechanics had a still and used obsolete robots for robot wars. [joke about the engineer’s beer and how since his arrival at the mine, the still quality has gone up. Then description of Niven’s Crashlander Peacemaker drink. ]Tyler got paid in hooch for his work helping one of the competitors. Since he’s fonder of his brew than his hooch, he’s been sharing it with the guards. He’s been making friends all over. Give him half a year and he would be king of the underground economy.

    One of the Takeira daughters thought Ali was neat and took her on as a personal servant [Ali was so thrilled]. The girl’s been having an affair with the house business manager’s husband. Ali thought the manager knew but was keeping her mouth shut. With some ‘help’ from Tyler (brew and hooch) she did some drinking to get some information. It took her some time, cause the brew hit Ali hard the first night.

    What she learned was that the manager had confronted the Takeira girl about the affair and almost lost her job. The manager was stupid enough to not just steal equipment but get caught on tape. If she made noise about the affair, the Takeira girl could not only fire her, but justify it.

    T’Var found out a local baron and his wife were the primary Takeira family members on Lewis. The wife was having an affair with a particular merchant captain, whenever he’s in port. T’Var was even put on duty to keep her husband busy, during one of their rendezvous. I’ve been waiting to find out who the baron’s been sleeping with.

    Abby ended up prescribing quite a bit of antibiotics and prophylactics. Apparently, people here are really bored and have turned to the cheapest entertainment.

    Tyler got hold of some of the camera spares from security. Aylana got me some of the medicinal and recreational narcotics. I’m prepared to dose anyone, from lethargic to completely unconscious and he’s prepared to record some blackmail material.

    Next part: we have some leads, now what do we do?



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