• Traveller Game March 1, part 1

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    Two of the players are present via Skype (husband & wife, T’Var & Aylana). We could hear their dogs (puppies really) in the background so someone made jokes about the captain’s going nuts (reference to an adventure in which the Captain was mind-controlled)..

    Two of the other players were late. They were at a company retirement party for the manager who hired them both.

    Week 73, we returned to the Aramanx system. It’s on Ali’s bad list; both because it’s the site of the aborted race track scheme and because we all got shot up there, pretty badly. The doctor ended up doing surgery, in a farmhouse, to save the Captain’s life. Ali hates it when she has to assist Aylana in surgery, or when Aylana gets shot.

    -for some reason the topic of Iron Chef came up, with a resulting conversation about squid ink ice cream and ‘the secret ingredient is yogurt’ episode.

    Abby’s even gone so far as to lock the doors to the bridge and staying there; she’s so insistent on not going planetside again. Oberlin’s waiting for us, and eager to hear our report. He’s pleased our ‘trade envoy’ went so well. He and Aranruff, his Vargr assistant, want to meet us in their offices as soon as we dock.

    The 10% ‘finder’s fee,’ aka bounties, was sizable and Oberlin was prompt to pay. Ali used most of her grenades, both frag and stun, during the boarding actions. They were so effective though, the captain authorized the funds to replace them from the ship’s account.

    After the debriefing, Oberlin wanted to hire us for another mission, a sensitive one. [the players all laughed] Sensitive and discreet are NOT our watchwords.

    He wanted us to go to Lewis, a planet in a red zone; because it’s completely owned by the Takeira family and they’ve used their political influence to get it interdicted. They keep corporate information at their estate there, Inselberg. He wanted us to sneak onto the planet, get into their computers and get what we can.

    Normally, this would be all but impossible but Oberlin found a way; the family on Lewis recruits their menials from an agency on Zilla. With some judicious contacts and well-placed bribes, Oberlin has infiltrated that company and can get some of his people, us, placed. We’ll have a month on planet to find anything we can. It’s not meant as a combat mission, and we would be separated. We wouldn’t be able to take any of our combat gear, just some black market stunners. Poor Ali, she hated being separated from her laser rifle and her reflect armor. Oberlin said there would be a small smuggler’s pocket in our luggage but it’s not enough to hold a suit of armor; just a couple grenades or a gun.

    To get off the planet again, our ship, the March Harrier would get an Okrut paint job. It would go to the Lanthanum mine on Lewis; it’s minor but they do make some profit on it. We would have to make our way to the Harrier before it leaves. The mine’s about 20 kilometers from the estate. We’ll need compressor/air filters because the air of Lewis is very thin and tainted. Sounds like I still won’t be able to do any hunting.

    There are some settlers on the planet, maybe a few thousand people, who do some farming and glean gems from the talus of the lanthanium mine. They arrived before Takeira decided to make the planet their family estate and Takeira has been trying to get them off the planet ever since. Relations between the two are strained. If we get desperate, we can probably hide with them.

    Next part: off to Zilla



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      In case it’s not clear, the italics are out of game comments, or things said out of character at the table.

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