• Game Review Policy

    Although Gaming as Women is primarily a place for women gamers to post about their gaming experiences and about gaming and feminism generally, we will sometimes post reviews of electronic, tabletop, or other games.

    If you are a game designer or publisher and would like to send us a copy of your game, we are happy to accept it.  Please understand that, since Gaming as Women is not a game review site, and we are all volunteers with other full time pursuits, we cannot guarantee that your game will be reviewed.  However, if we have sufficient time and there is interest from our writers, we will post a review.  In the event that you would like us to review your game, here is our review policy.

    1. If you send a copy of a game for us to review, please indicate whether you would like it returned afterwards.
    2. We do not make any guarantees about the content of any game reviews on our site.  However, we love games and would love to let our readers know about good ones.  We will indicate in the review that we received a free copy of the game.  Please be advised that at least part of our review may focus on sex and gender issues and our experiences as women gamers.  We will try to be as fair as we can in reviewing your game.
    3. You may use quotes from any game review on our site for promotional materials, provided that you attribute the quote to its author and Gaming as Women.

    If you are a reader and want to know more about our review policy, here’s some info:

    1. We do not solicit, or request from publishers, review copies of games.  Any game that we review has either been sent to us without request from the publisher, or has been purchased by one of our authors.
    2. We do not have an official scoring system.  Each author who reviews a game may or may not provide a score, based on their own measuring system.
    3. If you have any questions about any of our reviews, please let us know!  We will try to be as clear as we can about what we experienced playing the game and why we gave it the review we did.
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